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Hi Mitch,

Thanks for replying to the other posts. It's after 1am here so I need to get some sleep, but will work through your suggestions tomorrow after work. We use Lightbox2 module at work and it's a great feature I'd like to put into your theme as I find that the 620 x 415 aspect of the single item portfolio pages, means that much of the picture I've created is left out.

I guess you've probably used this module before. I was trying to change Content type - Portfolio - Manage Displays - Format column and adjust the image field to one of the lightbox2 options (once this module is installed). But then I noticed that the image filed is actually hidden, so I take it you are using a different method to display the image on an individual portfolio page? I was expecting to see a view for 'individual portfolio' but I've no idea how your producing it :)

Is there am easy way that Lightbox2 could be incorporated into images that are static like on the individual portfolio page? I can't see a way to access it in your theme as it's a bit beyond my skill level. If too difficult, maybe something for down the road.

Thanks again.