Using the Saga Builder - layout difficulties

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Thomas Bishop

Using the Saga Builder - layout difficulties

Hi Mitch,

Firstly I think the theme is great and I am happy with my purchase - it is exactly what I needed without the usual cumbersome templates and laggy page builders you find with other themes. Great work!

I searched the forum for an answer to this but couldn’t find any similar queries from users. Apologies in advance if you have already answered this elsewhere.

Some background: the install went fine and the instructions were very effective and easy to follow. I have yet to make any real changes to the CSS etc. So I don’t think this could’ve arisen from an interaction with a change I have made. Also, I am working from a local server at present as it is very early days in the site build. Hopefully this won’t make solving the issue too difficult.

I’m trying to build my core static pages using the Saga Builder but I am running into problems with the proportions. I’ve followed the documentation and have attempted to build pages using both the 'Saga page’ content-type and the 'Basic page' content type (with the Saga field activated, of course).

Each time, the major blocks are confined to only a small portion of the page and they do not fill-out on the horizontal axis. It almost looks like it has minimised its proportions as it would on a smaller viewport.

To illustrate the full scope of this I have made a dummy page of the Saga page content type with a series of rows with different column combinations. This is attached to the post as 'view-from-editor'. I have also attached a screenshot of how this page renders, called 'live-page'.

You’ll see for instance that with the two column row, it stacks itself instead of going side-by-side and the full column rows do not stretch the page-width in contrast to the header block. I have toggled 'full width' and 'column spaces' in the row-customiser but it makes no difference.

I’m guessing this has something to do with blocks or CSS width but, again, this shouldn’t be a CSS issue because it is a fresh install and the demo pages built using the Saga builder all render fine so I’m a bit stumped.

Anyway, grateful for any advice and am standing by to provide you with any extra detail you may need to resolve the issue.
Thank you,