Problems with responsiveness of single blog pages.

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Thomas Bishop

Problems with responsiveness of single blog pages.

Hi Mitch,

Apologies in advance but I am facing a bunch of problems with the single blog page template, so this is going to be a long one. I know you are a busy chap so if it's easier I am more than happy for you to answer them in turn, as and when you can and I can wait.

Firstly, just to note: I have not implemented the latest update yet because I encountered some issues when doing so, which I mentioned in another post. To be totally honest, I'm a bit scared of updating because the amount of changes I have made means it would be a real headache to recreate from scratch if anything went wrong. Coupled with this I have an error with the Backup and Migrate module which means I can't currently revert to a backup. I'm working on solving this myself because I think it is beyond your remit as it does not pertain to Dawn. If possible, I'd like to try and solve these issues within the old version of Dawn as it would make life easier right now.

I have attached images for each issue affecting the single blog pages , numbered in order. Here is each issue - I hope this is clear as possible.

1. The right-hand side bar does not scale correctly at certain viewport sizes, revealed when resizing the browser. I think I flagged something like this before with you and sent you my config and I suspect the issues may be related- have you any idea how to solve this? It seems that the sidebar overlaps the body region and doesn't resize within its own domain. I hope that photo #1 makes it clear. The overlap starts at around 815px width.

2. The top image in the single blog page is slightly too large for the page proportions. I have drawn a line to indicate this in screenshot #2. I am not sure why this is because when I add an image to a blog post I am careful to ensure that it is sized 800x450px, following the size of the demo article images that came packaged with the theme. It's only slightly out of sync so its not the biggest issue but ideally I'd like it flush with the other elements within the body region.

3. Responsive body images. I have noticed that when I insert an image within the body of a blog post, they do not resize accurately. I figured the best way to manage this would be within the 'Text editors' window in the Configuration page of Drupal admin. I have selected the option to use responsive images but it doesn't seem to've taken effect. Do I need to do anything else to make it work. By the way I am using the CKEditor as my Basic HTML editor. This is so that I can include prettified code snippets within the main body. But the same thing happens when I switch to the normal editor so I am a bit stumped.

Thanks as always for your help and as I said, no rush on these if you are very busy.

All the best,