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Thomas Bishop

Page bottom spacing

Hi Mitch,

A new week, a new set of questions! I promise I almost have the design changes finished and hopefully won't have to keep asking for help.

I've added two png graphics to the 'page bottom' region of the page beneath the main footer. They occupy the blocks 'page bottom left' and 'page bottom right', respectively.

The issue is that they are not flush enough with the sides of the page. Is there a way to make them space out better so that one is in one corner, and the other in the other corner? I know I could use margin properties but I don't want this to mess up the site's responsiveness and create break points on different viewports. I guess what I mean is for them to snap to the sides of the page dimensions so that they are equidistant regardless of the desktop browser size and then stack neatly on mobile/tablet viewports.

In the image I've drawn on rectangles. This indicates the rough size of the block regions that you see when you hover over the blocks in edit view. The block regions are bigger than the images themselves which may explain the difficulties in the spacing. I thought that might help.

As always, very grateful for your help.