Difficulties targeting CSS

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Thomas Bishop

Difficulties targeting CSS

Hi Mitch,

I've spent some time trying to identify the classes I need in order to make colour changes but have now reached a dead end and I can't find them in the code. Could you please tell me which classes I need to target in order to change the following:

* The colour that a button turns once you depress the click. I don't mean the hover color, I mean the next colour that the button flashes before it takes you to where its linked to.

* Links:
Whenever I change the link colour from within the theme settings options it never works properly. I would therefore like to manage link colours manually via CSS. I am
having trouble identifying and targeting the following types of links:
a. The colour of the link text in a button on hover. It's still showing purple on hover and i can't for the life of me locate the correct selector in either dawn.styles.css or
b. The colour of the link text in the accordion headers both before hovering and when hovering

* The colour of the progress bars. I want to use a blue. You have a blue option but it is more like turquoise/ green. I have a hex colour I want it to be.

* The colour of tab headings

*How to make tab headings lower case. I have been unable to find a 'text-transform' value for the rules relating to the tabs

Thank you,