A couple of things

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A couple of things

Hi Mitch,

Just bought and installed the theme. I opted for the demo content version, to see the theme and your ideas.
I also created a subtheme for customisation.

Just random ...
1. Thought the Contacts page looked a bit barren. Is there a reason why page--contact.html.twig is named page--contact.html.twig.bak. Are you planning on uploading a new version?
2. Was interested in trying to add an icon box. Alas, when consulting the list of classes, I find the URL http://themeboutique.com/dawn/retina-icons broken.
3. All buttons in the slider are square, except for the Outline. Is there a way to get them rounded in line with the buttons elsewhere on site?
4. I probably need to create some custom templates and blocks, where the Saga builder cannot be an option. Is there an overview of code snippets, I can consult?

That's all for now. Thanks