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Thomas Bishop

Article meta data

Hi Mitch

I would like to change the information contained in the metadata strip on article pages (photo of region attached). Specifically I would like to remove the author name and change the date format to British. I would also like to add an additional strip below that displays the associated fields for the post in two custom taxonomies I have made (these are: 'Category' and 'Post Type') in a similar way to which the tags for the post are displayed at the bottom of the article.

I've had a go myself, before coming to you. I was unable to find an associated view or block for the strip so I did some digging and think this is handled in the twig file 'node.html.twig'. Specifically the following snippet:

{% if display_submitted %}
      {{ author_picture }}
      <div{{ author_attributes }}>
        {% trans %}Submitted by {{ author_name }} on {{ date }}{% endtrans %}
        {{ metadata }}
  {% endif %}

Is this correct? And, if so, what do I need to change and add in order to achieve the outcome I have described?

I wanted to check with you first so that I don't break anything by tampering with the twig without knowing what I am doing.

Thanks for any advice here.

Best wishes