Aligning a footer region

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Thomas Bishop

Aligning a footer region

Hi Mitch,

Previously you helped me to add an additional (fifth) region to my footer. This is now in place however I am having trouble aligning it. I would like it to be equidistant from each side in the middle of the footer, at the moment it is aligned to the right. I have tried the usual CSS technique of applying text-align: center to the various classes related to it, but it won't budge!

Do you know a way to position it properly and then have the links stack on smaller viewports?

It is technically a menu block, not separate blocks, that I have styled to appear horizontal.

I have included a screenshot of the region as it is currently, along with one from dev tools showing the classes/ divs associated with the block. Hopefully this will give you enough to go on. Sorry that I can't just send you a live link - I know that would be much easier for you : |

Many thanks